Warsaw Academy of Pastry Arts – courses and training for pastry and bakery in Warsaw

Let’s create art together, let’s make this world sweeter!

Pastry, bakery and confectionery courses

We believe the word „confectioner” becomes not only the name of the profession, but also artist, often put on a par with famous personalities, like in the world of fashion or film. Make first step in this world.

Over the past decades, pastry arts has gone from satisfying the sense of taste to a form of self-expression, creativity, composition and color. In our academy, you will acquire the ability to convey taste through various forms, textures and visual compositions. We hope that by delving into our world of knowledge you will discover your own strength and creative personality.

Academy programs are dedicated to everyone who wants to learn the basics of confectionery as well as gain new skills and qualifications in creating modern desserts, cakes, dragees, and other chocolate products. The main direction will be combining classic flavors and textures with new trends in confectionery. we also offer professional trainings in the field of artisanal ice cream production. 

We operate in accordance with the SUS 2.0 standard

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Our experience, your passion and talent!

The Warsaw Academy of Pastry Arts offer modern and excellent equipped space by the Semper Group company, which was established in 2010 and has been developing dynamically since then. Expanding the scope of its services, it constantly helps confectioners, ice cream enthusiasts and baristas to create and implement their ideas.

Cooperation with many experienced companies both in Poland and abroad helped the company gain knowledge about the product and the equipment used by thousands of pastry artists around the world. We would like to share this knowledge with you.